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Why Modular building?

    • Speed  - Once the home is delivered and set on the foundation average completion time is 4 -6 weeks
    • Price – One can see an average savings of 10-20 percent depending on design and selections.
    • Environmental Impact – Modular construction in a controlled environment maximizes human and natural resources.   Very little if anything is wasted.   Wastes that are generated are recycled not clogging landfills.
    • Controlled Environment – Your home is built in a completely controlled environment.  That means no rain, snow or blister sun to warp and damage materials.
    • Exacting Tolerances – All drawings are designed with the latest computer software and reviewed by a team of trained engineers.  When it is time to build the wall, floor or roof systems, precise jigs and templates are used to ensure the product is built to the design specifications
    • Energy Star – Any home can be tested to meet the energy star rating.  Simply specify that option at design time.
    • Quicker Return on investment (ROI) – For those looking to erect large apartment complexes, condo, or town homes, modular construction is far superior.  From start to complete no site built can compete in speed to modular construction.
    • Customization -  The sky is the limit.  Our manufactures with their years of experience will meet and design challenge presented to them.

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    • Signature Series – This is our high value series of homes.  They have the highest, exacting standards, with award winning design features at a price to fit any budget.
    • Designer Series – Truly custom homes that push far beyond the envolope of standard engineering, design, fit and finish.
    • Pinnacle Realty – Talk to our factory trained sales staff to design the home of your dreams. 


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